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EMA-BIA "Silk Fashion&Design". The charm of an ancient materials renews its beauty in the unique and hand-made EMA-BIA accessories. Every SILKY Collection is a combination of the elegence and prestige of the Silk and the persoality of the prints. The EMA-BIA accessories are fully handmade in Italy, as per the typical artisanal tradition of the high-quality silk sector. Every item is one of a kind and exclusive, hand-made and studied according to the Italian taste and creativity. It is  made with 100% silk, chamois and selected leathers.


Silky 35

Silky 23

Silky 24 mini

Silky T-Case

Silky Kit 22

Silky Stripes

Silky Special Edition

Silky Doc

Silky T-Case mini

Silky 24

Silky Kit Clutch

Silky Kit 30

Silky Wallet

Silky Pillows Square Kit

Silky Pillows Rectangular Kit

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