EMA - BIA Silky Wallet

The new EMA-BIA’s Silky Wallets are the glamorous accessory for this autumn-winter 2018. The refined design, sophisticated materials and original details transform a normal wallet into something truly unique, fashionable, fancy and original. Not only the use of silk embellishes this trendy piece, decorated with animal prints for the moment available in 7 trendy colors, but also curious small tricks that will leave you speechless and will become indispensable for any occasion.

The desire to create an object that is not only beautiful, but also useful for everyday life is one of the crucial element that characterizes all EMA-BIA accessories. Practicality is a detail that can never be excluded when one thinks of a product that can be really useful for all women and accompany them in the hectic everyday life. For this reason, all EMA-BIA products are created with particular attention to detail, choice of materials and design.

The silk used comes from ‘expert hands of the sector’ of Como, a city recognized as the real “city of Silk” and has always boasted a silk culture recognized all over the world. Also the selection and the choice of the used leather has been made following the Varese tradition which guarantees and above all allows a care for the details strictly made by hand. The goal is to propose a product of excellence that enhances the heritage of Italian local artisan tradition.

The elastic band, which characterizes the design, in fact is not only used for decoration, but also represent a detail that can turn the wallet into a mini clutch in a few seconds: just slide the band along the surface of the wallet and magically becomes a strap to hold around the wrist.

But the magic of the Silky Wallet does not end here: the external leather band hides a practical pocket in which you can easily insert your mobile phone. No more a thousand things in hand with this exclusive wallet.


EMA-BIA presents the new Silky Wallet collection


EMA-BIA presenta i nuovi Silky Wallets

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EMA-BIA presenta i nuovi Silky Wallets


EMA-BIA presenta i nuovi Silky Wallets


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