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Accessories are increasingly considered an essential part of an outfit, perhaps even the main component, which has the power to give character and personality to any look.
With this in mind, Ema-Bia’s handmade accessories are created. Silk, combined with leather, characterizes Silky’s collections of bags and accessories, made in Italy in the Como textile district. A brand that was born in 2019 thanks to the intuition of Emanuela Bianchi and that aims at the enhancement of luxury silk accessories, dedicated especially to the
international market that has always been in love with made in Italy, “The idea was to think of a different use of silk than the traditional one,” explains Emanuela Bianchi “For our creations we make use of the support of prints on natural fabrics made in Como, especially silk, and an archive of incredible designs.”
The bags can be considered the soul of this brand that manages to keep the softness of silk to the touch while making it versatile for everyday use, “We thought of making our bags more structured and sturdy thanks to the combination with leather,” says the entrepreneur.

From her passion for accessories and color combinations comes “Silky Kit”: that is, matching silky stripes bags and scarves to
make even monochromatic looks special.
“Stripes are essentially strips of silk that are still usable,” says Bianchi, “They can become belts or headbands that can be worn all year round. In fact, just change stripes and bag and you are immediately dressed differently.”
A project that began in late 2018 and immediately managed to sense the potential of e-commerce. Once the social profiles were developed and the website enhanced, the brand dedicated itself to creating different areas in which to develop the different silk products.
“The project is based on the use of silk not necessarily in the sphere of fashion,” Bianchi says, “That is why we specifically created three areas starting with the fashion one linked to bags, the business one linked to silk gadgets with a large catalog of office items and business and travel accessories, and finally the home area that for the moment provides silk pillows with the intention of expanding it in a short time.
Finally, the new collection, born in June 2021, with three different models of bags, which will go on showroom floors starting in January 2022.
“The Spring Summer 2022 collection was created thanks to the precious collaboration with a designer from Milan, who thought of a very colorful line that would enhance Made in Italy,” concludes Emanuela Bianchi. “Three bags were born-Silky Star, Silky Moon, and Silky Sun-all made of silk and leather that can be matched with shirts made of the same silk. We want to propose direct and immediate outfits without necessarily having to think about the pairings. And this has always always been our philosophy: Simplify life for women who do not want to give up the elegance and versatility of silk,”

– F. Ber. –

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